Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Olliclip Love

Have you heard about olliclips? I hadn't until a couple of weeks ago when two different photographers advised getting an olliclip over a "real" digital camera. It's a 3-in-1 camera lens that clips onto the camera on the iPhone. My iPhone takes better pictures 90% of the time better than my Nikon point-and-shoot camera (which for some reason I only seem to use on trips and at Christmas!).

The Ollicip gives you more options for photos and videos taken from your iPhone. I bought a used one on Amazon and it came in this week. I've had fun trying to figure it out!

Our friends Emily and Russell came over last night and Ryan and Russell were unaware models! 

Fisheye lens - because everything looks better through the eyes of a fish! As you can see, it shapes your image like a bubble and captures a 180 degree view.

Wide angle - The models are catching on here - and then continued talking about duck hunting. I'm not sure about the black edges - maybe didn't have the clip on just right but they would be easy to crop out. 

Macro lens - good for detailed close ups (top picture) and the zoomed out version without the lens is the bottom picture.

Here's a review by Think Geek. If you do order one of these from Amazon (or anything else), please consider using the Amazon search box on the right hand side of the page. I get a small portion of orders placed through the Amazon search box on the blog! 

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