Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Recipes & Farmers Market Finds

I feel like I fall in and out of love with my Southern Living magazine subscription. I always try to cook at least one thing out of it each month but sometimes the cost of ingredients seem like they are more than the subscription! But recently I've tried a few things from the Quick-Fix Supper section and they were really good.

Our favorite has been the Tuna Croquettes with a tangy avocado-buttermilk sauce. I used red onion instead of green, since I had that on hand, and just added a teaspoon of vinegar to 5 T of regular skim milk instead of using buttermilk.

Laura made these Brussels sprouts at Christmas and they were so delicious I've been wanting to try them ever since. They were great! I think the key is to pick out the smaller Brussels sprouts - the larger ones seem tougher. Giada's recipe calls for pancetta - I substituted bacon.  

For some reason when I take photos in my kitchen after dark they have a greenish tint. Not sure how to fix this?

On Saturday I went to the Farmers Market on High Street which is my favorite Saturday activity. I went a couple of weeks ago and there really wasn't much of anything but I was so happy to find these goodies this time around. Smith County strawberries, Swiss chard, cabbage, kale, spaghetti squash, brown eggs, sweet potatoes and red and green bell pepper. 

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