Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fondren After Five

I feel like this year spring has taken its time to show up. I keep putting our coats up and then pulling them back out. BUT I think it's safe to say now - a week into April - that spring has sprung! Finally.

Ryan and I took advantage of the beautiful and warm weather on Thursday evening by going to Fondren After Five and had a blast! It's the first Thursday of every month and in the area where much of The Help was filmed. Fondren's known for it's funkiness and there always plenty of characters that make for great people watching. Plus the stores stay open late and many offer wine. 

The t-shirt place was giving away shirts and showing how to do screen art on the back - I love a good art project! 

Coming off the dryer - I never knew how this was done!

There were several different bands - this one was outside Brent's Drugs. We stopped to listen and then decided to have a drink at the Apothecary. It was our first time there and I've been wanting to try it.

It's set up in the back of Brent's like an old speakeasy. You enter through the front door of Brent's (a former pharmacy but now just the soda fountain part is open) and go through an unmarked door to this small, dim room with blackout curtains. I've read way too many book set during Prohibition to not get into this. So fun!

The drinks are all "prescription cocktails." I had the Mortar & Pestle. There were also temperance drinks for teetotalers. Ryan loved it and he's pretty hard to impress!

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