Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday

What a wonderful and beautiful Easter weekend to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ!

Our attempt at a family photo on our favorite spot on Sunday morning. 

Laura's pretty table. We had beef tenderloin, creamed spinach, copper penny carrots, deviled eggs and mashed potatoes. And chocolate meringue pie for dessert. Yum!

I convinced Thomas, Laura and Denson to hunt Easter Eggs. We had 40 eggs filled with various amounts of change and one Golden Egg with $5 bucks inside. Ryan insisted on hiding the eggs. At church Thomas informed me that $5 wasn't enough to embarrass himself in front of his neighbors. But my persistent bugging paid off (or he realized I wasn't leaving his house until we did this)! Fortunately, he found the Golden Egg.

Mom, Dad and Net came into town and stayed with Laura and Thomas. Laura has now hosted all of us for Christmas and Easter -- I think she should win an award!

Backing up a day, on Saturday morning I helped host a bridal shower for my dear friend Jenna Lee in Columbus. She and I had coffee together every morning for about three years when our offices were right down the hall from each other. Her wedding is in about five weeks in St. Thomas! Isn't she going to make a beautiful bride?

I so enjoyed meeting all these people I know from Jenna's stories. I felt like I'd known them all for years! 

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