Sunday, April 20, 2014

Aunt Sis Can't Get Enough

We went to back to Greenville this week for a second round of house hunting and got to spend some time with Sis and Oliver and their girls on the way there and back! Can you tell that Aunt Sis just can't get enough of these sweet girls?

I love hearing Elizabeth Magee call me Aunt Sis and am constantly amazed at how much she grows between each visit. This time it was all about imaginary play with her baby dolls. We took Baby Reese to the grocery store just to "walk around" but then decided we might as well get milk while we're there. 

Mary Thorne loved showing me all her favorite things - especially big sister's blue pumpkin for Halloween. Sis said EM insisted she needed it to hunt Easter Eggs. 

Poppy is still mad at me for tricking her in February! She thought her mama was giving her a bottle and then realized it wasn't mama and flipped out. She was fine with Uncle Ryan though! EM went through this same phase so I'm sure Poppy will come around.

Mary Thorne helped me with my makeup - and somehow I left a few things. Which was fine with me because then we had to stop again on the way back to Jackson!

The only time Poppy let me hold her for more than two seconds. 

Mary Thorne thought selfies were fun. 

Mary Thorne waving goodbye. Melts my heart. Poppy is waving good riddance. 

Getting ready to go on Saturday morning. EM was headed to her school's Easter Egg hunt and I was all dressed up for a friend's shower. 

Sorry for cutting off your head Oliver! 

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