Friday, March 7, 2014

The Stack

I have no good excuse for not updating in so long except that between the end of October and mid-January we made a total of 12 interview trips across the Southeast! I was a little leary of advertising our empty house on cyper world!

But now all that traveling, praying and worrying has been turned in to the mysterious Match computer and we are in the waiting game for March 21st!!!! And that brings me to this:

The's our folders and notes and program material on the nine programs Ryan ranked. It's been sitting on the buffet for months (through dinner parties and all!). It's amassed an almost susperstious status for me. Which one will we need? We wrote down names of people we met, areas they suggested living, the places we ate and, of course, the program information on med-peds. I can't bring myself to move it and in just TWO weeks we can throw all but one away!


Crady said...

Not going to lie, I'm pulling for Little Rock!!

Signy said...

So glad you're back!