Saturday, March 22, 2014

Match Day!

Friday one of the speakers at Match Day described the day as a mix between the Academy Awards and NFL draft for nerds. It was definitely nerve wrecking!

The fun started on Thursday night at Duling Hall and then at Babalo and Fondren Public.

I think Ryan finally got to sleep about the time I woke up at 5 on Friday morning! Match Day!!!

There was a breakfast at River Hills before the ceremony. We decided I must be a nervous eater based on the amount of bacon I consumed!

Then it was off to the Marriott downtown! Can you tell this crew is excited?

Such sweet friends! Chandler was one of the first to get called and Julie next to last. Each person drew a name of who would be called next to come on stage and open their envelope to see where they matched. Everyone put $5 in a bag and the last person called got the pot. So suspenseful! 

Greenville, South Carolina! Ryan says he didn't peak until he got to the microphone! We were shocked - and very happy!

We are so glad these friends are going to Anderson, SC so we will some company about 30 minutes away! 

So very proud of Ryan! The weekend continued with more parties at River Hills and the Manship. I think we've seen more of his classmates this week than all four years combined!

And the only picture I have of Greenville from the 24 hours we spent there in December:

Our soon-to-be home! 

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