Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Birthdays and More

In the crazy haze that was last weekend I made a quick trip to Oxford to celebrate Mary Thorne and Poppy's first birthday! How cute are they?

Can you tell they enjoyed their cake?

Elizabeth Magee had so fun opening gifts! She has had a lot of practice since turning 3 last month!

But we can't forget "the real" Uncle Thomas (not to be confused with EM's beloved CPR doll) celebrated a birthday too last week! I don't have a birthday pic so this one is from Thanksgiving!

On the moving front we have made progress. My to-do list needs its own to-do list there is so much work to be done!

Ryan cleaned out his pharmacy and med school files. Wow! He got six big boxs down to one.

I have sold four pieces of furniture on Craigslist and am making progress towards a yard sale. If you're interested here are two pieces: and More to come!


annabclark said...

That's a lot of files. Ha

If you have any dressers that you are getting rid of I need some! I am going to paint them so any will probably work

Media of Jackson, Mississippi said...

I just sold two! But I do have a large chest that has two drawers and a space for a hanging bar. My plan was to use chalk paint. I can email you a pic!