Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top 10 from the Weekend

There are so many things I loved about this weekend - which we made stretch from Thursday night through Monday! We spent time in Senatobia and Oxford and Ryan got to work on his new duck blind in Marks.

1. Seeing Elizabeth Magee and her "baby sis-ters" as she calls them. EM has developed a very cute little Alabama accent. Poppy and Mary Thorne are crawling and sitting up! Poppy prefers crawling and Mary Thorne sitting up.

2. Seeing my parents - they've been out of town and I've missed them so much! Somehow Dad missed our photo shoot - we were on our way to the Grove! Fortunately we were in the shuttle when the rain started and then waited it out under a porch behind the alumni house. Can you tell it was a wear blue game day?


3. Seeing old friends - we caught up with John but Eryn and Avery had already left. These two have been friends since they were two!

4. Being in the Grove. I just love it. It's been at least two years since we've made it to a game. Poppy looks miserable here, but she cheered up right away! The Grove was packed and muddy!

5. The game. What a game! Bryan and Becca were so sweet to give us their two extra tickets! We missed seeing Becca, Martin and Livi but loved getting to catch up with Bryan. The game was so good and I think it was the most exciting 4th quarter I've seen! Even though we lost.

6. The band. It wouldn't be football without a marching band - The Pride of the South! I think I like watching the band as much as the football.

7. Oxford is such a wonderful place. Ryan and Oliver both left Sunday morning and I stayed to play. After church at College Hill and a long walk we took the girls to the pumpkin patch at St. Peter's. We celebrated afterwards with frozen yogurt from Ya-Ya's on the Square.


(This was from the blooper reel.)
8. Cooking with Net. On Monday I baked birthday cakes at Net's house. I love her kitchen! After her hand mixer went out, she pulled out this one that Granddaddy gave her for their first anniversary- 60 years ago!

9. "Big Girl" Poppy, Oliver's grandmother, came to Senatobia on Monday to see the girls. How great is it to have great-grandmothers?

10. We celebrated Jason's birthday on Monday night with a dinner at Ryan's parent's house. We got home at midnight last night but had a great time!

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