Sunday, October 20, 2013

Martha Stewart has People

The last two weekends I've tried a Martha Stewart recipe. Last weekend I made these pig-in-a-blankets for the Grove. I recruited Mom and Ryan to help me stuff 1/2 teaspoon of caramelized chopped onions into the miniature winnies. They both quit in protest that it was too ridiculous to be stuffing miniature any-things! Mom reminded me that Martha Stewart has people and I, apparently, do not!

So this weekend I decided to try a new dessert - Mississippi Mud Pie. I'm reading J.K. Rowlings' "The Casual Vacancy" and one of the characters picks up a Mississippi Mud Pie for a disastrous dinner party. I found it interesting that in England they know about Mississippi Mud Pie. I figured it was just a regional thing! But guess what? Martha Stewart also knows about it and has a very complicated recipe! As in I used seven bowls and 10 eggs. And my kitchen looked like a war zone with the bowls fighting for counter space against the spatulas and whisks. (In the end, the dishwasher swooped in and won, in case you're wondering!).

As you can see, the dogs enjoyed helping me clean up! Martha's Mississippi Mud Pie involves making an Oreo cookie crust, a flourless chocolate cake, a chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Muy complicado! But it was good and fun to make!
Here's the comparison of mine to Martha's - I think I need a little more practice!

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