Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fun at the Fair

One of our favorite things about living in Jackson is the Mississippi State Fair - we don't miss it! We were both off on Friday and spent the afternoon enjoying the rides, food, smells, livestock, games (including pig races) and crazy attractions (think World's Smallest Woman) that are the fair!

The pig races were new to us this year. It was so much fun - the pigs had names like "Taylor Not So Swift" and "Ham-bone Montana." They raced for iced oatmeal cookies - also Pepe's favorite treat!

An ostrich bit Ryan in the petting zoo - he about jumped out of his skin. Everyone around us got a good laugh! But the camel was nice! 

The Mississippi Beef Association's Beef Barn is hands-down the best food at the fair. We had the cheese burger, but the beef sundae looked good too.

Playing games! I won a sock monkey at the dart game and Ryan knocked down, but didn't break, a beer bottle at this game.
This was our 6th fair - I don't think we've missed one yet!

The livestock barns are full of cows, sheep and pigs. A little smelly and be sure to watch your step!

We rode the gondola for the first time and it offered great views of the fair and downtown.

The fair is not complete without a funnel cake!

We always pick out one ride to try - this year it was the Blitz. It reminded me of the Zippin' Pippin' at Liberty Land and was much more intense that either of us imagined. Of course, I was a sucker for the $10 picture at the end!

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