Friday, October 4, 2013

A Happy Story

My neighbor, Pippa, runs Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi. She shared this story on Facebook and said I could share it here. It's so nice to hear a happy story when it seems everything in the news is so negative!

Last Sunday, someone brought into ARF a dog dragging a wire on her neck. She was full of milk and we were not sure if she had recently had pups or was about to. The people who dropped her off told us that they had looked all around and asked around and no one knew the dog. We took her in.

We took her to the vet and the vet said that she was not pregnant and was developing an infection in her uterus and spayed her today.

Then this afternoon, someone came in with some puppies that they found by their house on Sunday and the mama dog was no where to be found. We looked at the pups and two looked like the mama we took in on Sunday. One of our employees recognized the connection immediately. ...

We called the vet, they said the mama can still nurse. We rushed back out to pick her up after surgery.

As soon as we got her out of the car she smelled the puppies from where we unloaded them. She drug me to the building, in the door and down the hall where we had the puppies set up in isolation. As soon as she saw them, we KNEW it was her children.

She got in with them and immediately started tending to them, then she started grinning.  Very large smiles! A good day.

Doesn't that just make your day?

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