Sunday, September 15, 2013

Horse Show at Providence Hill

Yesterday I rode in the Mississippi College Equestrian Program Benefit Horse Show - it was my first horse show since 2001! And my first one riding English. It was at Providence Hill Farm and I had an absolutely wonderful time! The weather was fabulous with just a hint of fall in the air and Providence has got to be one of the prettiest places I've ever seen.

My cheerleaders - Net, Tish, Allison and Ms. Ellen. They are all "horse people" and my love of horses was definitely fostered and encouraged by Ms. Ellen - my first riding teacher! They picked Allison up on their way. I'm so glad they came - Ryan was on call - and I really didn't know anyone else there.

Dakota is such a sweet horse. I only see him once a week so to make sure he remembers me I always bring him apples and carrots. I think in his mind I am "the girl with treats." Yesterday we went through a bag of carrots and three apples. At least he perks up when he sees me!
The barn - there must be a better word for this than barn. It was hard to find any dirt. Calling this a barn would be like calling Buckingham Palace a house. 
Many thanks to Allison for taking these pictures!

Warming up - Dakota is a great horse. The only issue is that it's a little hard to get him going. He sees no reason to work too hard or hurry up. But as one of the other riders told me yesterday, "better lazy than crazy." So true!

I was a little worried that I'd be the only one over 12 in my division but there were others!
It was fun to watch the other riders - this is Popcorn - he is the cutest little pony.
I loved this little girl's bright red bows!
Meredith - my trainer - warming up Who Dat on Friday afternoon. You can't tell in this picture but he is 18 hands - that's huge!
I think this picture is great - Net had just said something that cracked Tish and Ellen up.

And I'm not sure what got this reaction out of Net but I think it's priceless. Net doesn't really like quarter horses - she says Ellen and Tish's father put her on a mean one once. She prefers Walking Horses. It was a great debate yesterday. So thankful they came!


Nonni in Barr said...

So proud of you. Makes me want to ride again. And you had the best cheering section ever—some of my favorite people.

Kara said...

I totally agree!