Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to Pepe & Scout

Pepe and Scout were both adopted over Labor Day weekends - Pepe in 2003 and Scout in 2008 - so we've just celebrated their 10 and 5 year adoptions! A lot has happened in our lives in these last 10 years and these two have been such a blessing!

Ryan agreed to adopt Pepe if I would find some place other than the pound to volunteer in Oxford. One of my scholarships required community service hours and after about two times at the pound it was clear that I would have to have a least one of the puppies!

I was there the day they brought Pepe in and when we went back to look a few days later (I was thinking of another dog), Ryan zeroed in on "Petro" immediately! We changed his name to Pepe in honor of the great bar tender we'd met that summer in Ecuador. He immediately covered R's white t-shirt in black hair - that should have been a warning about all the sweeping and vacuuming in my future!

Me and Peps in 2005 - in our living room in Oxford. In my dreams we are always in this house. Is that strange?

Pepe is everything you'd imagine a lab/German Shepard mix to be: loyal, obedient, protective, non-attention seeking, patient and smart. He truly should have been a rescue dog - he loves to play hide-and-seek and understands many words/commands. He can also fit three tennis balls in his mouth at once!

Scout is in our lives because Ryan took Pepe on a dove hunt and left me home alone on Labor Day weekend 2008. I had been to the beach with Sis and Leigh Allyn and came back a day before he did. Our neighbor, Pippa who runs ARF, found him walking down the middle of Terry Road in South Jackson. She brought him over and I volunteered to keep him just for the night so I wouldn't be lonely. I have not been left alone without the dogs since!

How could you not want to take this little guy home? He was so small he fit in my hand - I guess he was younger than we thought! He immediately adopted Pepe as his "mama" - much to Pepe's dismay. It took Pepe a good three years to warm up to Scout!

He was so tiny! I was sure he was going to be the size of a small terrier! He is part Louisiana Catahoula Leopard - I just love that name - that's where he gets his pretty eyes and coat colors. That should have told me he wouldn't be small.

I always sing to Scout "You Make Me What to Shout, Throw My Hands up with Scout" because he really does. This dog is so trying - he jumps off ravines, refuses to stay in the backyard, seems to throw up randomly (from things he's eaten in the yard), he gets on the furniture when we aren't home and does about a zillion other things that drive us crazy! But he also loves to cuddle, is great with visiting children (Pepe pretends children don't exist), and has boundless energy. And this is a little gross, but for a while we had a rat problem - he averaged two a day at one point. He may be part cat!
We'll be going to the pet store soon to pick out birthday bones! The dogs' view of the beach can be found here.

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