Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finds from Home

We had a very relaxing weekend in Senatobia celebrating Labor Day and, as always, I came back loaded down with goodies. Somehow we always come back with more than what we brought!

Usually, I try to pack too much into a weekend at home and it was nice to have time to just be there. On Saturday Mom, Dad and I went to Oxford to run some errands and have lunch. Ryan and I had supper with Net and she cooked the best ribs! On Sunday I went to church and then spent the afternoon in Net's pool with Net. Followed by watching the US Open and reading/napping on the sofa. I do believe that's how God intended us to spend Sunday afternoons!

Mom found a pair of Mammy's (Net's mother) riding breeches in the attic. I tried them on and today's styles are much more flattering. I read an article that said the side pouches on these pants were to allow room for the hips and upper legs to move before the days of stretchy fabric. Women started wearing these pants in the 1920s. Mammy's must date to late 20s or early 30s - Net remembers Mammy wearing these pants while riding her horse Texas and racing Mrs. Carson on her horse Jessie May! To bad there weren't iPhones back then to capture that video. Apparently, Mammy always won.

Here's a picture of Queen Elizabeth in these type of jodhpus in 1939.

Also from Mom was this pillow in the Anderson Scottish clan plaid. Aunt Betty handed these out at the family reunion. I tried to talk Ryan into letting me rent him a kilt for this weekend's Celtic Fest but he declined! Oh well, maybe next year! Celtic Fest is one of my favorite Jackson things and it's this weekend!
Friday we spent the night with Bec and Bryan in Arlington and so enjoyed our time together - as always! Little Livi is standing up and itching to walk. Martin is just so fun. And he thinks Ryan is so fun. I agree!
Super Martin flies down the hall.

We brought General back with us to stay with Thomas for awhile and had quite the car full on our way home - Pepe rode up front and Scout, General and I snuggled up in the back seat. There was a time when Pepe and General couldn't be in the same room (much less the same car) so they are really showing their maturity. General is almost 11 and Pepe just turned 10 so I guess it's about time they get along! Scout just loves everyone. And licks everyone.

And we got home Monday afternoon to a broken fridge and almost everything in fridge and freezer was spoiled! I did cook the meat - I just couldn't stand to through it out and it was still cool to the touch.  We ended up doing a good bit of laboring on Labor Day trying to save what we could! Repair man is coming tomorrow! I told Ryan I feel like we are car camping at home! 


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