Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Catlina Nacho Taco Salad

We eat a lot of tacos and taco salad - I think I could have Mexican food every day and be perfectly happy! This recipe changes traditional taco salad up a bit and is one of Ryan's favorite meals (and mine!).  It feeds a crowd so if you're just cooking for a couple of people, mix in the chips and dressing as needed. I think I used three big handfuls of chips for the two of us. If not, the chips will get soggy. This is one of those wonderful one dish meal - no sides needed for this supper!

Brown 1 pound ground chuck and then mix in one taco seasoning mix and water (as directed by the taco seasoning mix). After this it is just chopping and assembly! Basically add whatever you normally like in your taco salad using nacho Doritos for the chips. I had on hand: two avocados, two carrots, two roma tomatoes, a can of black olives, lettuce and cheese. If cooking for more than four people, I would use two pounds of ground chuck and two packets of taco dressing. You can always make it stretch by using more toppings.

Layer the chips, meat, and then toppings in a big bowl. Pour over Catalina dressing - just eyeball it and remember you can always go back and add more!

Mix and serve. I wouldn't mix it up too far ahead of time - nothing worse than soggy chips in my opinion!

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