Friday, August 30, 2013

M4 Wives Party

A few weeks ago I helped host an M4 Wives Party at L'Occitane in the Renaissance - it's a skincare/fragrance store and everything is made in Provence, France. The store lets groups hold parties for free and provides snacks and something "fun" -- we choose to have mini-facials. Many thanks to my dad for sponsoring the wine!

We had a great time sampling the products and acting goofy. We couldn't quit talking about how thankful we were for it to be M4 year for our husbands/finances and how much we've enjoyed seeing them the last couple of weeks. Carol Anne (below) is the first M4 wife I met at family day orientation the week med school started. The past three years have seemed to crawl and go by quickly - somehow all at the same time.
Pharmacist Carol Ann reminded all of us it's time for flu shots - she gives the best shot in town!

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