Monday, August 26, 2013

A Weekend of Celebrations

This weekend was spent celebrating some very special people - birthdays, new houses and baptisms all added up for a lot of fun.

Friday we had two birthday parties - Witt turned 8 and celebrated with a pool party. Let me tell you, there is nothing relaxing (or dry) about watching 30 second grade boys play with water guns at a pool party.

Here's a front view of his cake - it was a swim party and Kristen had everything decked out in beach/shark attack decor. We love watching Witt grow and am so impressed with the young man he is turning into!

After the rowdy pool party, we were ready for some adult beverages! Savannah turned 25 and we had a fabulous meal at Amerigo's with some of their classmates. Med students are much more fun during this fourth year!

On Saturday Ryan worked at Polk's and I headed to Alabama. First stop was Mama Jean and Papa Carrel's new place at Capstone Village on the Alabama campus. Papa Carrel gave me a tour and said the only issue was there were too many "old people." He also said Mama Jean keeps reminding him that they are old! But definitely young at heart. We joined MJ and Aunt Bonnye at their old house where they were finishing up a yard sale and we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. They've lived in their house since I was in sixth grade and we always look for the Ruby Tuesday's to turn off McFarland - in all these years it's the first time I've eaten there!

Then it was off to Birmingham to celebrate Mary Thorne and Poppy's baptism weekend. Sis and Oliver had a house full of company all weekend and got everyone to church on time - simply amazing!

These girls are growing, growing, growing. They are getting easier to tell apart but are equally sweet and precious! Poppy is on the left, Mary Thorne on the right. They both love to jump!

On their way to Birmingham, Dad picked up a box turtle for Elizabeth Magee. She named him "Frog" and even though she didn't really want to touch him, she loved looking at him. Here's a video we made for Uncle Thomas:

I cut the video off too soon because right after this she yelled, "Frog, come back. Come back, Frog!!!" She is just too cute (and sweet) for words!

On Sunday, the babies looked so pretty in their dresses! Poppy wore Sis' and Mary Thorne wore mine - making it extra special. Net's sister, Aunt Bubba, gave Mom and Dad an antique christening gown from Natchez when they were expecting. After we were born and everyone realized they would need two dresses Aunt Bubba, Net and Mammy made one to match.

Sis got some great pictures on her camera and I'm sure will be posting them soon!

Mary Thorne (R) and Poppy (L) were all smiles all day. The church service was beautiful and I loved seeing their new church home.

I think I'm looking down at something sticky EM is holding - but isn't Mary Thorne the most precious thing you've ever seen? We had a lovely lunch with lots of family - again, I'm amazed that Sis pulled off a luncheon for 12 and made it look easy!

And just for a look back, here's my blog post on Elizabeth Magee's baptism.

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