Monday, July 15, 2013

Quick trip to B'ham

Net came to Jackson on Thursday and bright and early on Friday morning she and I headed to Birmingham to see Sis. We had such a great time! We started with a birthday lunch to Chez Lulu where we all ordered the French brie and roasted red pepper sandwich. It was delicious!

I jetted out during nap time and found my new favorite store in Birmingham - Carousel Tack Shoppe.  I went in with the intention of just looking and came out with paddock boots and half chaps!

Elizabeth Magee is growing and changing and learning and so, so much fun to be around. She is really into playing with baby dolls - I wonder who she is copying? We had some great "big girl" time at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

And her baby sisters continue to be precious beyond words. Poppy has really caught up growth wise to Mary Thorne and it's amazing how much they've changed since I last saw them a few weeks ago! Mary Thorne is in pink and Poppy in blue.

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