Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pete's New Beginning

"There is something about the
outside of a horse that is good
for the inside of a man."

This quote by Winston Churchill says it all, in my opinion. Yesterday, my family's much loved horse, Pete, went to a new home! I know. It was sad. I have cried.

BUT I am also very happy for him and for his new owner, Abby. Look at this wonderful picture:

She is 12 and Pete came into my life the summer Sis and I turned 12 - I don't know what I would have done during those challenging years of junior high when everything is awkward and girls are so judgmental about everything without sweet Pete. He taught me a lot about responsibility, sticking up for myself (usually against him), and finding out about what I enjoy in life. There's something about being able to control a 1,000 horse that makes you feel sure you can handle life.

Pete wasn't our first horse but he was the first horse that was kid-rideable. My prayer is that Abby gets as much enjoyment out of her partnership with Pete that I did. The relationship a girl develops with her horse is so special. And one that stays with you.

Here's a picture of me and Pete the summer of 1995:

I think my smile and Abby's match!

You can read more about Pete here, here, here and here. Although, my prediction on that last link didn't hold true. Sorry EM!

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