Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Surprise

This year was the big 3-0 birthday for me and I must say I was dreading it a little! Even though everyone says the 30s are the best decade, it just sounds so grown-up! But if my birthday day is a good indication of the next decade, than it's going to be an wonderful decade.

Everyone was very amazed that Ryan: A) kept it a secret and B) got me to La Cazuelas at 6 p.m. - and somehow I thought it was my idea! I was truly surprised and so appreciative of my sweet friends and family and that Mom and Dad drove such a long way for a short trip! I love having almost all of my favorite people together and cannot imagine a better birthday.

The day began with my riding lesson at Reunion. Ryan took off Tuesday and Wednesday so he went with me - I'm so glad he can see where we are spending money each week! Reunion is a beautiful place and filled with wonderful horse people!

After my lesson we had lunch at Sweet Peppers and walked around the Renaissance - one of my favorite things to do. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. So I was really unsuspicious when Ryan claimed to be worn out and maybe we could just go somewhere for an early supper.
And here's a picture of Ryan blowing out his candles - his birthday is two days before mine so we celebrate birthdays all week long! His birthday cake is always a Seven Layer Cake - seven layers of yellow cake with chocolate icing. I'll post the recipe soon. 

And here's a yesteryear photo of a past birthday - just because I so missed not seeing Sis on our birthday! She's in the blue and white to the side, I'm blowing out the candles. With a cake decorated by Net - she went all out using coconut flakes for the mane. I think this is our 9th birthday - so it would be 1992.

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