Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Year Left

Ryan takes the Step2 today and I am beyond excited! This officially means the end of the M3 year. Even though he's been "out" of rotations since the end of May he has studied at least 14 hours a day for this exam. This is how Scout feels about this:

Poor dog. He just doesn't understand. Notice Pepe on the floor - he's a pro at long days of studying. Of course, he's awake for no more than two hours on any day. After today, Ryan has about 10 days off and we are going to enjoy every second!

While Ryan had one last weekend to cram, I kept myself busy in the kitchen making cheese! This was my second attempt since I first tried it last summer and it turned out much better. I strained it using just two layers of cheesecloth and it came out more the consistency of feta cheese. I think technically it is fromage blanc with Italian seasonings.

I now understand why fresh cheese is so expensive - this is the result of a 1/2 gallon of whole milk. It fills a ramekin cup! Yesterday for lunch we put it on toast with a Smith County tomato and it was wonderful. My next cheese goal is to try and make cheddar cheese.

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