Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun in Tobie Town

We've had a fun few days in Senatobia this week. I've gotten to spend time at Net's pool with Ivy and gone for lots of walks. Ryan has worked on his duck blind and is already counting down the days to duck season!

Harald Engoy from Norway has been in the States the last three weeks with his father. We had fun showing him Como on Wednesday night. 

Mom and Harald were childhood buddies - seen here plotting future trips to Norway. 

Pete trying, unsuccessfully, to escape my kiss. He is looking for a new home if anyone is interested! His pasture mate died a few weeks ago and we don't him to live alone.

Thursday night we went out with Ryan's brother and his family on their new boat to Sardis Dam. Harper hyjacked my phone at one point and I found this the next day:

After yoga on Friday, mom and I painted her kitchen table. Here's the before and after: 

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