Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friends from home, hydrandeas and goldfish

Our sweet friends Daniel, Rhetta and Parker came to visit this weekend and we've had so much fun! Parker is such a fun and easy-going little guy. Just like his parents! Everytime we're with them it makes me wish we lived in Senatobia!

In other news, my hydrangeas have really taken off this year. They are mainly pink whereas last year they were mainly blue.

Last week I cleaned out my goldfish pond in the backyard. Two out of 10 fish survived over the winter from last summer. Within an hour of having a clean "pond" - and me posting a picture on instagram - both were dead! They have now been replaced by 10 new goldfish. After Scout ate the $7 a piece koi, we switched to the 20 cent goldfish. It's been a good idea.
My parents had some special visitors last week - Hadold and Ainar from Norway. Papa Carrel and Ainar became great friends when they moved to Norway in the late 1940s and the families have stayed in touch. This is Marta's father and grandfather with Dad and Papa Carrel. I'm hoping to get to see them before they leave!

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