Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blueberries and Farmer's Market

Ryan says every time I watch the movie "Julie & Julia" I get inspired to cook better suppers. He may be right! DeeDee gave me the movie last week and Mom and I watched it during her visit.

I've decided that Monday night is going to be vegetable night this summer. Mom and I went to the farmer's market at the fairgrounds on Saturday morning and got lots of fresh goodies so I had plenty to play with for our supper.

Squash croquettes, crunchy romaine salad, brussel sprouts and cornbread. We didn't miss meat at all!

This week my blueberries have started to be ripe. These were picked Tuesday morning. We have two bushes that are four years old and just planted a third. I never really liked blueberries until we started growing them and now I can't get enough!

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