Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pete's First Day of Fat Camp

Since Facebook is being over-run with first day of school pictures I thought I'd post the cutest one I've seen yet - Leigh Allyn and Wade's picture of Leon. Pete didn't look quite so cute as Leon this morning after his first day of "school" (a.k.a. fat camp). That's what I'm calling this week - the horse is about 200 pounds overweight and hasn't been ridden in over a year.

Leon sadly watching the school bus leave him behind, again. Maybe next year,buddy!

Pete and I were both rather surprised when the saddle fit him - of course we are using the girth designed for a horse about twice his height! He did perk up and head for the back gate to the corn field when I got on. There's not much this horse won't do for a taste of sweet feed or a carrot. And all rides end with one or both! That may be part of the weight problem.

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