Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Horsin' Around

Doc had a conference in South Carolina last weekend so I caught a ride up I-55 to Senatobia with DeeDee and John Eric. It was so much more fun of a drive with them!

Friday night I went with Dad and some friends to Otha Turner's family picnic. It's a celebration of the life of Otha Turner, a fife master from Tate County who became well-known for an art form that originated with slaves and lead to the development of the Mississippi blues. Every year on his birthday, his family would through a two-day party full of fife and drum bands. I met him once shortly before he died about 10 years ago. He was so nice and out fixing the plumbing in his house in coveralls and tall rubber boots. He was so nice and friendly. After his death, his granddaughter Sharde picked up his musical tradition and continued the group - even though she was just 13!

This man opened the music after Sharde lead the fife and drum dance - not sure of his name but he is there every year and this year got to play. He was really good!

Goat sandwiches and pickled eggs are stables. There were also catfish and chicken sandwiches this year.

I told Elizabeth Magee on Saturday morning that Siggi and Granddaddy were holding out on her - all the good toys are in the attic. Aunt Sis to the rescue! I didn't find what I was looking for but did find all of my old toy horse collection - complete with the feed troughs and saddle stands that Papa Carrel built me - and the rocking horse Uncle Buford gave Sis and I when we turned 2. We practiced brushing the play horses and then moved on the real ones.

When we stopped by Net's for a visit we had to get out Granddaddy and Uncle Buford's rocking horse to compare. It was just a fun, but Net was a nervous wreck over it - he has springs and goes a little faster.

Mom and I took EM back to her parents Saturday afternoon and went to a baby shower for Sis' friend Rebecca who is having a little boy in October. Then we did a little shopping and headed home.

I took a long walk Sunday morning. There was a time where I never wanted to walk through my hold high school campus - now I feel more nostalgic about it! I guess that's what happens when you've been gone a decade!

Our poor Warrior - he still doesn't have a nose. One of my earliest memories is walking with Mom and Sis to see the Warrior when we lived in the little blue house next to the high school. One afternoon we were shocked and very sad when his nose had been busted by our county rivals. Thomas' class "restored" the Warrior but left his nose broken - I have no idea why???

After church on Sunday we drove to Oxford to take some beds to Mammy's and I made dad drive by the Tri Delt house so I could check out the water party. He thought it looked a little creepy for him to be hanging out the window of his truck taking pictures of freshmen girls!


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love the house pic! and all your recipes!!

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