Friday, August 10, 2012


Since it's been so hot this summer Net and I decided to add a challenge to our daily e-mail exchanges and do them in French! It's really  been fun - and a great way to refresh something I haven't really used since college.

It's obvious that we took French about 60 years apart - her French is much more formal. She tends to quote her high school teacher Madame Yerger who called her "Janice" and who was fond of saying, "make no mistake, all men are not created equal." I tend to quote Google Translate and French for Dummies.

Our most recent discussion has been her grandmother name.

Mémé – literally means old age

Mamie – means “mon amie” for “my love” but this is what we called her mother so it would get confusing

Grand Mére – Grandma

Grand-Maman – Grandmamma

Maminou – older way of saying grandmother

Oma – a less formal way of saying grandmother – indicates you are very close but I think it is actually German

Bonne-maman – grandmamma, grandma

Which one do you like? Feel free to make a suggestion!

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