Friday, August 17, 2012

Are We Having Fun Yet?

On my second day at home I crammed in too much "fun" and then have paid for it dearly on days three and and four. When will I learn?

The morning start bright and early with a ride on Pete and then I finished cleaning out the feed bin. Besides critter traps, rotten leather, old feed bags, old orange bags, old and half eaten saddle pads and blankets, rotten halters, hornets nests, wasps nests and spider nests plus a few large animal droppings from some wild rodents, there wasn't much to be found in the feed bin. The good news is it's the only building that things haven't been stolen from - mainly because of the tree that fell in front of the door about three years ago. Doc cut me enough space to get to the door last fall, but since then vines have grown through the door and basically created Fort Knox filled with huge bugs and bigger snakes.

I did find three generations of pitchforks though! I had to take apart three saddles to come up with enough working parts for one, but if we need to muck out imaginary stalls we are all set. Just for the record, mine is the red one.

There is a Givens family trait of, as Mom and Doc call it, "throwing away slowly." The feed bin and barn are like a family graveyard filled of items we are too emotionally attached to to chunk but have long lost there usefulness in our daily lives. And are probably a quick way of getting a new tetanus shot if you're not careful!

Then came lunch with Becca and Martin at Panera. Martin kept us entertained! He is all into Toy Story at the moment.

Becca said when she told him Kara had gone inside to get more drinks he said, "No, KK" - I love that he calls me that! We had a great lunch and then a visit at Sis' house (EM was napping though and missed meeting Martin) - it was too short as always!

When EM woke up from her nap (she was so tired from her first day of Mother's Morning Out) we played with bubbles, read books, rode in her cuzy coup and made a big mess. It was fun! Then Mom and I discovered she was supposed to sell $30 worth of Sally Foster wrapping paper so we went through it and picked out gifts for all her grandparents and great-grandparents.

It's hard work shopping for others! The paper bag says

 1st Day of School:
Left early with Siggi
Completed art project
Homework: Sell Sally Foster

We left Memphis at 5 p.m. and were skiing at Lake Sardis by 6:20 - it's my first time to ski ALL summer (I blame the Blackards' new neighborhood pool). We were the only ones on the water at the lower lake - just like old times to ski on Wednesday afternoon but I sure missed all my 15th-cousins!

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