Friday, July 20, 2012

Great Article on Friends

One of the blogs I follow is a Cup of Jo and is written by a girl in NYC. It's what I call a "life styles" blog in that she discusses her life and what's in style in areas from trips to clothes to baby things. Her husband wrote a great article for the "New York Times" that you can read here:

Basically the sum of the article is saying how hard it is to make friends, true friends, after college when life feels like "one big blind date." How true this is! Although I feel very fortunate in that we've made some really great friends since college! Doc didn't have TV in college so we watched episode after episode of Friends on DVD. I can still quote most of them! Life is so much more than just hanging out in a coffee shop but it sure is fun to hang out with friends any where you happen to end up. 

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Lee and Kim said...

I was just telling someone the other day about how you are one of my favorite friends! :) Love the "blast from the past" picture!!