Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feminism in the New World and The Palace

Some of you may have seen this photo that my sister posted a few weeks ago:

I had someone ask me if Sis was a little obsessed with all things in the UK. I said Yes. She always has been and you should have seen how much we cried when Princess Diana died. You'd have thought then we were close personal friends.

Granddaddy got a little put out with all our tears. Finally he said, "Girls, that's why our family left that silly country." He said it like he was personally in on the decision to leave. We all laughed. He did not see the humor.

Speaking of Britain and humor, who is interested in the opening ceremonies on Friday night? In less that 24 hours we will see how the British respond to the Chinese. I can-not wait! We are even scheduling our mini-vaca around it!

The British author Caitlin Morgan was on KLG & Hoda this morning promoting her new book "Feminism in the New World." She was so funny and it's been billed as the "Bossypants" of the UK. Tina Fey's book is one of my absolute favorites. Only my Nook can tell you how many times I've read it! You can also follow "the Royals" on Flickr:

Here's the KLG & Hoda clip:

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If you have Hulu Plus watch "The Palace" there are eight episodes and it's a fabulous British drama about a Royal Family.

Here's the wiki link:

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Lee and Kim said...

I'm obsessed with the Duke and Duchess of York. Something about that monarchy intrigues me. I seriously will look at pictures of them for hours at a time. Obsessed. (It's kind of like a real-life fairy tale, though, so maybe that's why I am so fascinated by them. ?) In any case, I'm glad you share that fascination. :)