Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ann Curry, Olympic Trails and New Hobbies

First off, let me just say that I am so disgusted with the TODAY show and how they handled Ann Curry's leaving. She is just wonderful and a true journalist! I briefly considered boycotting NBC until I remembered that the Olympics start soon. While I like Savannah Guthie, I don't think she deserves to take Ann's place. In my world: Matt be replaced by Willie, Ann and Meredith would cover the news and Al Rooker would keeping talking about "what's happening in your neck of the woods."
But speaking of the Olympics, I've been preparing for my favorite sports. Including practicing my diving and swimming strokes. I just can't not watch them. And in preparation I've been "training" for my favorite summer Olympic sports. Beginning with a little research for the equestrian team:

This big guy is at riding barn just north of Jackson off highway 49. Mom and I had fun trying to figure out how to get there! Let's just say we are both directional challenged and had separate views on how to get there, but we finally did and it was worth the drive.

My sweet parents! Mom has come and cleaned, cooked and set up my sewing machine. Or rather, Sis' sewing machine. Oliver refers to it as the "closet of lost hobbies" - but it definitely benefits me! Now Net has Mom's old machine that she got from her mother as a wedding present, I have Sis' new one and Mom has Mama Jean's old one (that is still nicer than the others combined). How's that for Indian trading?

Happy Saturday! Our plans include the Black Cowboy Rodeo and parade and hopefully some time in the pool.


annabclark said...

I agree with your Today Show thoughts--I was SO peeved with Ann Curry's exit. Could have been handled much better. Savannah is sweet, but not my favorite choice for a replacement for Ann!

Edi said...

I totally agree about the Today show. I really like Ann Curry and much to my dismay have switched to Good Morning America.

John Henry Goico said...
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