Saturday, June 9, 2012

Texts from Frank

When my sister and I were little we called our dad "Frank" like everyone else around us. He thought it was cute. My mother couldn't stand the looks they got in the Mall of Memphis when obviously people were giving sympathetic smiles and thinking: What a nice man to take in that lady and her two twin girls. It ended when Thomas asked one night at the dinner table who Kara and Julia's daddy was - since he called him Daddy and we did not!

All that too say, if you know my father in person you will find the following texts hilarious. If you don't, just know he a wonderful and kind husband, father and grandfather and that he is an exceptional CPA/financial advisor/economics writer with offices in Senatobia and Southaven (had to add that plug for Givens & Givens, CPA)!

I know he doesn't text while driving, but I just found these too funny not to share. 

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