Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ouiser-ness, Tomatoes and Scout

After a little sleuthing, we finally figured out what happened to our koi fish who made it through our mild winter only to die in March. Apparently, since we found only one skeleton, the bigger koi ate the smaller one and then the bigger one (I suspect) was eaten by this - our precious little cannibal we fondly call Scout. Scout has turned into a true yard dog. If he digs or gets in the flower beds I make him go inside - worse punishment in the world in his book.

He is very interested in our new goldfish - we have 10 and counting down that are replacing the koi in our water garden. As if that's not excitement before 8 a.m. on a Wednesday, Scout figured out that he can see out the kitchen sink widow by placing his front paws on sink's edge (thus knocking down all dishes piled in the sink). Lord help us. It's a good think he's so cute - it's the one survival mechanism he possesses - those eyes just make it impossible to stay mad at him. That and he has the memory of a chipmunk.

My patio garden is coming along: tomatoes, poblano pepper, lemon basil, geraniums and some wild flowers. Not pictured is my herb container with sweet basil, cilantro and parsley. A grape tomato plant is in the side yard in an old trailer tire. Doc told me it would look tacky and I volunteered to spray paint it purple. He now thinks the tire is a great idea. 

Mom and I watched Steel Magnolias last weekend and when I saw the picture above it reminded me of the scene in Dolly Parton's beauty shop when Ouiser goes on a rant about why she grows vegetables in the dirt. I'll try to find it online and add it! 

Saturday morning update - we are down to nine (maybe eight) fish. Scout seems to be able to catch the black ones better than the white and orange ones.  

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