Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Ribs

We really love the "minor" holidays - you know the ones you get off work for but no one really expects you to travel? The first Memorial Day we lived in Jackson all our friends who moved here at the same time we did for pharmacy school had just left, and we couldn't find anyone to come celebrate the day with us. Nevertheless we decided just to grill out ribs on our own. It was hot and fabulous! And we fell in love with our patio.

We had no clue how to cook ribs on the grill so we called Net for advice (always) and then went to Kroger. We were looking lost on the BBQ aisle and a man comes us to us and says: You know a black man knows how to B-B-Q, here's what you do:

Five hours before grilling, rub in: lemon juice, pepper, Tony's, salt, garlic powder, Worcestershire, rendezvous seasoning

Wrap baby back ribs in heavy foil and put in fridge.

Right before grilling re-rub in previous seasonings

Grill over charcoal two hours in foil when meat pulls away from bone take out of foil and grill 20 minutes. Baste at 20 minutes and 10 minutes in Neely's BBQ sauce.

We've done exactly that ever since on Memorial Day. Here's some other great grilling recipes for a hot day. Have a great weekend!

Another great recipe: Pepper Nachos on the Grill

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