Saturday, May 12, 2012

Herding Cats & Graduations

Our weekend started on Friday morning with Laura's graduation from law school.

Mom and Dad came for the ceremony and spent the night. We attempted to go to Pepsi Pops but put it off thinking it would rain. When we finally decided to go see what it was about we got there just in time to see the last few fireworks. Maybe next year!

On Saturday Millsaps had graduation and thanks to the wonderful weather, the ceremony was moved to the rain location in Madison which makes it all more hectic. My main job is organizing the honorary degree recipients, trustees, administration, award winners, etc for pictures. I think herding cats would be easier!

I made my first run to the farmers market for the season this morning and got collard greens, cabbage, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, squash, peaches and brown eggs. I've decided it really does help my grocery bill to get as much as possible at the farmers market (plus it helps local farmers) and I know its more nutritious.

The rain may have messed up lots of weekend plans, but it sure is making my hydrangeas happy.

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