Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Net

Happy Birthday to Net! Net came to Jackson on Friday and we had a birthday celebration that evening and then "played" all weekend. We went to a cooking demonstration at William Sanoma, ran errands and visited with friends on both the front porch and back patio. And had a birthday party with Laura and Thomas. Hurry back, Net!

After we sang "Happy Birthday," Thomas remarked that he remembered Net saying after some other birthday singing that none of us could carry a tune. I will spare you the video of us serenading her with our off-key voices (we were missing our musically-talented cousins)! Net cooked an amazing meal for us to eat - boiled shrimp, a stir-fry and new potatoes from Tate County.

I re-purposed this centerpiece from the Junior League Luncheon last week. It's a plastic drip tray with florist foam. The flowers are arranged in a heart (about 2 inch stems) and moss is arranged around it to hide the tray. Some people are so clever!

For the cake, I made a recipe that was in the latest issue of Mississippi Magazine. It's an Ombre Cake and was really a "piece of cake" to make but looked fancy. Basically, you make two white cake mixes (the recipe said to add 1/2 teaspoon of almond flavoring to each mix but I left this out since I didn't have any) and then a buttercream frosting.

As you divided the cake mixes into four separate pans add varying amounts of food coloring. Next time, I will be more precise in measuring out the layers.

For buttercream frosting: (1 c shortening,1/4 t salt, 1 t butter flavoring, 1/4 t almond extract (I subbed vanilla extract), 1/2 c water and 32 oz bag confectioners' sugar). Beat shortening until light and fluffy. Combine flavorings and water. Add sugar and water alternately. Beat until combined. Use an "L" shaped icing knife to make the icing smooth.


Lee and Kim said...

You are so creative! And I'm so jealous of your cooking/baking skills. :)

mary allison said...

I just love your grandmother!!!! Love her precious full of life smile!! The cake is lovely ....will have to try it soon!