Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching up

Here's a look at a little of what we've been up to during my absence in blogland:

We went bowling one night with Dee Dee and John Eric after our standard Friday night viewing of Shark Tank. We were looking for some excitement.

Elizabeth Magee turned ONE on February 20 and had a very fun birthday party. Sis and I took her to the zoo the day before the party and had a blast. We also celebrated after church with brunch at the Beauty Shop (sans EM) and had fun remembering when Mom and Dad took us all there when Sis and I turned 21 - it was the last trip we attempted in the minivan and I think Oliver's first family dinner!

Mom had my diploma from MC framed for me - it's still waiting to be hung in my office. I am so glad that part of my life is over!

Chad threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Kristen at Julep. It was perfect. Apparently, she's not the only party planner in the family.

For St. Patrick's weekend we went to Montgomery for Cally's wedding. She was beautiful and it was so fun to see all the Andersons (photo of her and Uncle Mark stolen from Facebook). Now we're looking forward to Kristina's wedding this fall!

We went home for Easter and heard Warren and Ivy play with their band at a party in Hernando. They were awesome! You can learn more about the W.B. Givens band at their website (how's that for a plug?).

Visiting with friends - the Conns have visited TWICE this year (so glad Rachel has moved here!). They came for New Year's and then again in April. At New Year's Rhetta shared with us a 1984 bottle of wine - it was wonderful - and they were so impressed that I made it to midnight. Parker changed so much in between visits. By April, he was calling Pepe and Scout "Jack Jack" after his dog and walked all over the place.

Levi, Lindsey, Wyatt and Tate came for a visit in April before they return to India in June. It was wonderful to see them and hear more about their daily life there. Wyatt is a doll - he had a blast playing at our neighborhood park - and the friendliest baby. I am so amazed with all they are doing - and particularly amazed with Lindsey dealing with rats that snarl and hiss at you. Some how, I didn't get any pictures so I stole this one from Facebook!

And speaking of rats: Scout is better than any cat or rat trap. We've had a bit of a rat problem and that dog has just about eradicated all of them. The ones we are finding dead by the back door are significantly smaller than the ones that we used to have. I've graciously spared you the pictures, but the mere mention of rodents makes Pepe want to do this:

Baseball season has started and Witt has gotten so good. His games are so fun to watch now that they are actually making plays. His first game fell on Chad's birthday so the Blackards brought a cake to the pool afterwards. Katelyn asked Ryan "what's the theme on this party?" - I guess you can't be the daughter of a party planner and not expect a theme!

Well that's our life at the moment in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to some time off in May and a fun trip to Nashville to celebrate Sarah Hunt's upcoming wedding.

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