Sunday, November 6, 2011

Studying & Date Night

The tables have turned at our house this weekend! I'm the one studying, and Doc has had a wonderful weekend playing at his duck camp and watching football. I think he's gloating just a little bit. However, this is very short-lived.

I take written comps this week - Lord be willing, this is my last semester and then I'll have a master's in applied communication. I've been working on this since the fall of 2008. It's been a long road and a chapter of my life I am very, very ready to be over! I'm pretty sure my support system is ready as well!

It hasn't been all work and no play this weekend, though. On Friday, I went to Mistletoe for about an hour after work. And then proceeded to spend almost just as much time in the parking lot looking for my car. There are no shortage of white Honda Accords in Jackson.

This guy is a great study partner. He's kept me company all weekend. Probably because I keep bribing him with dog biscuits. And I moved his bed right beside my big chair in the living room. So, he's a great forced study partner. And he knows all about communication theories (especially non-verbal communication!).

After a full day of studying on Saturday, we had a date night and watched Tower Heist - it was funny, good and very appropriate for today's Occupy Wallstreet movement - and then had an amazing dinner at Amerigo's.

We ordered cheese fritters as a starter and the picture does not do justice to these awesome bits of fried cheese. Next time, this will be my meal - if anyone has a recipe for these, please share!

Now if I can just buckle down and keep reading about the persuasion theories, conflict resolution, group dynamics, discursive leadership, history of communication studies (War of the Worlds radio broadcast, anyone?) and the 12 steps of effective communication research.

Then I can focus on all the fun things I've planned for after comps:

1. Reading The Hunger Games
2. Pick back up my piano practicing
3. Cooking for Thanksgiving
4. Christmas shopping, decorating (after Turkey Day) and other festivities
5. Enjoying weekends without studying (and having more sympathy for Doc who studies nearly every weekend!)

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Crady said...

You haven't read Hunger Games yet!? Get on that!!