Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last Man Standing

Have you watched Tim Allen's new show Last Man Standing?

I, for one, am so glad he's back on TV. Home Improvement was probably the first show (besides Full House) that I, like every other middle school aged girl in the 90s, just had to watch each week because JTT was just so, so, so cute.

Instead of spouting off his wisdom on Tool Time, "Mike" is a just as likable marketing director know-it-all for Outdoor Man (a Bass Pro like store) and does YouTube videos for men where his rants are very Tim Taylor-ish. As a "man's man," surrounded by women, he's trying to survive in a female-dominated world and gives his daughters all sorts of screwy advice (like after he insists on taking grandson Boyd trick-or-treating, ignoring the wishes of his daughter, Kristen. He then comes home with an Asian child dressed in the same costume.) Of course, it all works out in the end and it turns out he was right in a round about way.

Instead of three boys, he's the father of three girls. His wife, Vanessa, is played by Nancy Travis (remember her from Becker?) and she, like TV wife Jill, seems to be the calmer, more level-headed one in the marriage.

The only drawback, as far as I can see, besides the fact there is no JTT, is he has not let out a manly "Uh-Uh-Oh" grunt. None of the show is exactly original, but it is good and entertaining and Tim Allen is just likable. It comes on ABC on Tuesday nights!


annabclark said...

Dan and I watch it and like it so far. We saved up all the episodes on Tivo and sat and watched them all in a row one night. We were surprised at how much we liked it. The reviews hadn't been that good. I am hoping it gets picked up!

Kara Givens Paulk said...

I hope so too, Anna! We did the same thing with the DVR.