Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...FALL

Now that we are a full week into November, it's starting to at least look like fall in Jackson (not feel because as of yesterday it's still warm enough to walk in shorts!). And since written comps are now behind me, I've finally been able to just sit and look!

I think this is the prettiest our crape myrtle has ever been - the leaves are yellow, orange and red all at once.

My red cabbage and violas are loving the window boxes on the side of the house.

A little Thanksgiving decor by the back door. Pepe does not want to come outside (he's afraid I'll forget he's out there and leave him all afternoon) but he doesn't want to miss anything fun, so he keeps a watchful eye from right inside

The basil has puttered out, but the chives, oregano, parsley and sage are doing great.

Little gourds fit perfectly in McCarty wine cups on the buffet.

I love these candlesticks - they belonged to Granddaddy's mother - and I think they are perfect for fall.

I sent Net the above picture and got the following e-mail the next morning:

I am impressed with your table...not too impressed to hear you couldn't find your car last night! Don;t guess you planned to tell me that. Love, Net

For the record, no, I probably wouldn't have mentioned that little fact about Mistletoe. Thank you Sis!

And you've probably already seen this on Facebook, but I just love it!

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