Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festival

One of the things I adore about our neighborhood is how excited everyone gets over every holiday. Really I think we all just want an excuse to dress up and have a party. It starts at Halloween and goes through Mardi Gras. This year was the third annual Halloween Block Party/Fall Festival (if you use Halloween in the name, there is a whole new level of city tape you have to go through for a permit!). It's organized by the "baby doll" garden club and this year I was on the planning committee (thus the knowledge of city permits!).

We block off Belvoir Street and the houses on that street hand out candy (we supplement their supplies since most usually wouldn't get 300 trick-or-treaters!). We also have games, including a cupcake walk, and a band. And new this year was a hot dog stand and pet costume contest.

Scout made friends with a mermaid with vampire teeth.

This house won (in my mind) for scariest decor. There was a grave for the Witch of Yazoo, a guillotine and hanging heads with snakes!, among others. He even had a remote control smoke machine. It's owner was all decked out to match too.

This is Greer, son of our friends Ashley and Geoff. His little sister, Brecken, was a referee - unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her, but she was just darling!

The games area - including a boiling cauldron - were a big hit. As was the fog machine and colored lights.

This smart wizard was an excellent choice for the bean bag toss.

The band, Soundwagon, was awesome!

This little conductor, Pierce, was boogying to the band. He had some great moves for his parents Christy and Dallis!

Scout with our neighbor Pippa. Pippa judged the pet costume contest - all participates got a prize! Pippa runs the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi and many of the dogs there last night were former strays who found homes in Belhaven - including Scout!

Our attempt at a family picture - thanks to my work friend Kelley for letting me borrow her nun outfit! Doesn't Doc make a great GI Joe? And we had his entire costume in his hunting closet! Next year we'll have to have a theme - a nun, yellow submarine, squirrel and army man don't have a lot in common!

Many thanks to all our volunteers for making our block party a huge success and to donations from the Belhaven Garden Club, the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation, the Belhaven Improvement Association, the Greater Belhaven Security Association, Millsaps College, McDade's Market, CVS and John R. Lewis Real Estate Services.

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Serge said...

From these pictures, it sure looks like your Halloween was celebrated like a festival! The candid smiles, colorful decorations as well as the funny/scary costumes all contributed to the enjoyment of everybody!