Thursday, October 13, 2011

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Here are some goofy blast-from-the-past Halloween costumes we've done in the past. Be prepared to be scared. Can you tell I'm into the homemade-at-the-last minute look?

This was during the 4th year of pharmacy school after our Thursday Night/Grey's Anatomy Supper Club at Becca and Bryan's. As you can see (hopefully) we're Louis Lane and Superman. Superman was trying to fly. He may have been impaired by alcohol. Or the sofa. I rented the red tights for Doc at the costume store in Oxford, but he refused to wear them. My outfit was what Sis wore to my bridesmaid's luncheon. My press badge is one I had as a reporter at the New Albany Gazette.

This year was during the 6th year of pharmacy school. We were a ghost and ghost buster. Here we are pictured with our friends Kim and Lee at UMMC's Halloween party. I totally broke my vacuum cleaner making Doc's ghost buster vacuum backpack. He got several comments that it looked real. But it was worth it - the next week I got a new vacuum!

What will we be this year? I'm not really sure...ask me about three hours before we have to go anywhere!

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