Monday, October 31, 2011

We Have Crossed Over

It's official. We're the nuts who dress their dogs up in costume and then take photos before work on the front porch next to our pumpkin. We have crossed some sort of line and I'm pretty sure there is no going back. But really, does it matter? Have you ever seen two more tortured dogs?

If you can't tell, Pepe is a Yellow Submarine and Scout is a Squirrel. Pepe has grown a little bit since last year and looks like he's stuffed in there. Scout keeps trying to see what the thing on his head is.

We did bribe them with biscuits!

And because here's proof that Laura and Thomas have also crossed over. Which I think is extra funny because T has always given me a hard time about my dogs...

Doc and I got to dogsit on Friday and it was so much fun! Milly is so cute - she and Scout had lots of fun playing. Pepe was not a big fan. He was really hoping she wasn't here to stay. He thought we had a deal about no more puppies.

Jump on over to the sideboards tab to find a recipe for Southern Corn Chowder - perfect for a night of trick-or-treating!

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Elizabeth said...

they are precious! please go post their photos on friends of arf on facebook! peppy needs some stretchers in his outfit!