Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Fun Day

On Saturday we did a whirlwind trip to North Mississippi/Tennessee and got in quick visits with almost everyone we know and love: Net, Buford and Carole; then lunch with Mom and Dad; then Martin's first birthday party in Arlington, Tenn.; then a visit with Jason and family; then an amazing supper with Daniel, Rhetta and Parker; then a quick visit with Doc's parents. We got home shortly before one a.m. on Sunday morning! It was a fast, furious and fun day!

How cute is she? EM showed us all her new "tricks" like sitting up and swinging in her swing outside.

 Someone is going to have so, so much fun next weekend with Aunt Sis!

Martin's first birthday party was in one word - awesome! Becca outdid herself with anchor-and-sailboat themed cookies, a precious banner, dips, rotel (of which I ate way too much! rotel is my nemesis!), bean dip, BBQ, coleslaw, potato salad, and much more. 

I must say that the highlight of the party, at least for me, was that as soon as Martin came out from his nap he dove for me (right past at least one grandmother!) out of his mama's arms. I don't think anything makes you feel more special!

I want the recipe for these!

Fun party favors - such a cute idea! I don't know when Bec became so crafty, but I was so impressed!

We got to stop by and wish Silas a happy first birthday a few weeks late - he turned the big One-O on September 17.

And our last, but certainly not least, baby to get to play with for the day was little Parker Man. He is about to take off I think!

I told him this is a great yoga move to work your core!

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