Friday, October 7, 2011


Fairhope is one of those beautiful little towns full of flowers and hanging baskets, antique stores next to trendy boutiques and fresh seafood caught from the nearby Gulf served outside on the deck. Doc and I spent a weekend in Fairhope a couple of summers ago for a friend's wedding, and we both agreed it was on our list for future vacations. I went for work earlier this week (sans Doc) and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around downtown Fairhope for a couple of hours.

The cute little shop had funny sayings on linens like "Inside every old person is a young person wondering "what the hell happened?"

Every corner was filled with beautiful seasonal flowers.

This store turned out to be my favorite. It's 1/2 bookstore and 1/2 music store. The store was technically closed since it was Monday but owner of the music store, Dr. Music, showed me around. He takes old suitcases and record players and turns them into speakers for ipods that, he says, will beat a Bose any day.

I always love going in a small town pharmacy - they are becoming more and more rare!

This little courtyard is so peaceful - the restaurant there is only open for lunch or I think it would have been packed.

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Crady said...

You're in Fairhope!! Wish you had told me! Whitney lives there!!