Monday, October 10, 2011

EM Visits Aunt Sis & #ChiMarathon

Aunt Sis had so much fun this weekend. She is a very silly, dancing fool who will do just about anything to make Elizabeth Magee giggle.

Lovin' on Pepe - Pepe just loved E Magee and she was quite taken with him.

Aunt Sis has so many fun toys! EM is asking Santa for all toys that light up, take batteries and make lots of noise!

Uncle Thomas giving her a bottle Saturday morning. Aunt Laura cooked the best brunch of grits and grillades. EM had her first taste of cheese grits and she loved them (Net drew the short straw and got to change that diaper). Aunt Laura is a very talented chef!

Uncle Doc listening to a cough - she's good!

Aunt Sis recorded Yo Gabba Gabba! and EM loved it! The pretty quilt was sewed by EM's great-great grandmother, Mommy Fincher. EM kept it pretty clean. Aunt Sis, however, spilled blueberry apple puree all over it. Oops!

Pepe was more interested in blueberry apple puree than EM - she glady let him lick up what was on the floor. Their friendship was sealed forever!

On Sunday morning we cheered on John Eric in the Chicago Marathon - EM loved watching it on the computer. We even joined the chat on Twitter. That was fun! #ChiMarathon

The women's winner, Liliya Shobukhova from Russia, was so fun to watch and she won the Chicago Marathon for the third year in a row and took almost two minutes off her personal best. She finished in 2 hours, 18 minutes and 20 seconds. Russians fascinate me! 

EM's momma and daddy brought these sweet flowers from the wedding they were at this weekend. Aren't they beautiful?

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