Sunday, September 18, 2011

Second degrees of Separation

At family day orientation before med school started, one of the deans told us that the only thing we'd be able to do to "help" our student was to provide food. For them and their friends. There were mothers that stood up and said how they brought down coolers full of frozen casseroles twice a year. There was one couple that stood up and said they delivered supper every night to their three sons - all in med school or residency. That seemed a little extreme to me.

But this morning, I've discovered another way to contribute to med school - genetics! It appears that the hours and hours I've listened to my grandfather and father say how we are related to so-and-so is paying off. I've been able to explain the difference in second counsins and second degree relatives, in what a first cousin once removed is and the difference between a "blood" great aunt and a "non-blood."

For instance, in Atlanta I met my second cousin once removed, Ellie, for the first time. She and EM are third cousins and just three days apart!

I enjoyed time with her mama, Margaret, my second cousin, or my dad's first cousin once removed, or Net's great niece or Net's third degree relative. See? It's fun.

After a great lunch and visit with Margaret and Ellie, it was time for the reason for my trip - taking photos at the alumni association's Atlanta Chapter Kick-off party. And guess what? I ran into someone from Senatobia!

Rev. Joe Whitwell grew up across the street from Net and Granddaddy's house and attended Senatobia FUMC. I gave him an update on all his Senatobia friends - the fun kind of update, not the whose sick or in the hospital kind of update. I also met his wife who was so vivacious! They are going to be at Millsaps' homecoming in a few weeks so we'll get to visit again soon!

Another ah-hah moment was meeting a friend of my Aunt Bubba's (Net's middle sister) from Natchez, Burl Salmon, who went to Trinity with my first cousins once removed (or my second cousins' parents). We had fun talking about Natchez and I learned the phrase "it's been buzzed." He's pictured here with some sweet Millspas friends who now live in Georgia.

And the funny thing - Burl was on a committee that worked to join the North and South conferences of the United Methodist Church with Mary Carolyn Tindall - who was Mr. and Miss. SHS with Rev. Whitwell. It's such a small world!

I had a wonderful time but am so glad to be home!

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