Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scout vs. the Ravine

Have you ever heard that animals have natural instincts against eating poisonous plants or finding their way home if lost? Well, I'm sure that's true of most animals. But not Scout. He may be a little special.

On Sunday morning Doc and I were riding the four-wheeler and the dogs were running around behind us. We stopped to look at Doc’s favorite spot on the place – a small cliff at the top of a 35 foot ravine. The dogs were waking along the edge but very aware of it (at least for Pepe).

I, of course, wanted to take a picture. Here’s what I was trying to get:

Here's what I got:

In the split second between when I said “cheese” and then lowered the camera to look at my boys, Scout had fallen over the edge! We watched him tumble, roll and tumble some more down 35 feet of forest. I’m sure it was only a few seconds but it felt much longer.

We weren’t even sure how to get to the bottom of the ravine. If he survived the fall, which was doubtful, we knew he'd at least have some broken bones. But then, a few seconds later we see this:

This crazy dog bounded up the ravine as if he fell 35 feet every day. Towards the top he lost his footing, but Doc was able to reach down and grab the scruff on his neck and he pulled him up the rest of the way.

He didn’t seem to have any injuries - his doggie guardian angel was looking out for him.