Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roadtrip to Trinidad

Saturday morning Net and I took a little road trip to Tallulah, Louisiana where she grew up in Madison Parish. I love learning about her childhood - they didn't have a telephone, generated their own electricity from Delco batteries kept in the "lighthouse" attached to a garage and she regularly rode her horse down to the cotton gin a few miles away.

To get to Trinidad you go south of Tallulah about six miles and then turn left at Turntable (you'll see the Tallulah Country Club on your right) and go another six miles or so. After you pass the gin, there's a big curve and that's the start of Trinidad. The house where Net and her sisters grew up was built before the War.

Net says that her daddy and Mr. Young ruined the house - apparently it used to face the bayou and they added a porch that went across the front (formerly the back) so it would face the road.

Net is pretty sure that's the same mailbox - it was extra large to be able to hold packages!

The live oaks in the yard and along the driveway were planted by Mammy. There was also lots of rock plant closer to the house that we think is still around from Mammy's time here.

Granddaddy Buford first bought hunting land, known as Lost Ball, outside of Trinidad before he and Mammy married. Then at some point, he and two other men, bought Trinidad (meaning three in one) as a Spanish Land Grant. He farmed until it was time for Net, the youngest, to go to college. Then he and Mammy built a house on his family's land in College Hill and they sent Net to Ole Miss. Where she met Granddaddy and the rest is history!

We couldn't have had a more beautiful day for our drive - it was a perfect day for cotton picking!

The cotton fields were so white it looked like snow. You really needed sunglasses on because of the glare!

Unloading cotton into a module builder.

Packing it into the module builder.

Cotton module. Ready to be shipped to the gin.

We ate lunch in Vicksburg at Rusty's and ordered the special - crab po-boy with cheese grits. It was fabulous!

The bridge at Vicksburg.

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